Elegance and luxury in yoga wear: An interview with Charlotte, the founder & owner of Take It Easy Honey

In this interview, you will get to know Charlotte, the founder & owner of Take It Easy Honey. You will hear the story behind the name, what inspired Charlotte to start Take It Easy Honey, why body positivity and sustainability are at the heart of the brand, the challenges of having your own business and much more. 
We hope that this interview will leave you feeling inspired to pursue your own dreams and we will give you a behind-the-scenes look into Take It Easy Honey.
First of all, where does the name Take It Easy Honey come from?
The name has two sides to it. My yoga teacher always used to say; well, what do you want me to say? Take it easy, honey? No, you have to work hard.
He was joking when he said the words, but it’s about the balance. Yes, you have to work hard, in yoga and in life. But you also have to relax and confidently trust the process. It’s a balance between the two. Do your best, but also take it easy… honey ;)
How would you describe TIEH and the person who wears the collection?
Take It Easy Honey is elegant and luxurious yoga wear. I think the person who wears the collection wants to look beautiful while also being comfortable. It is a person who loves practicing yoga and wants to look good before, during and after the practice. It is someone who likes to have an outfit that also can be used during the day, while still feeling elegant and stylish. 
I hope the clothes make you feel good about yourself and give you a little confidence boost. Also, colourful and beautiful clothes can help you get in a better mood. 
What are your hopes and dreams for TIEH?
I dream of one day seeing a class full of students wearing Take It Easy Honey. 
I want to create a community where we are producing ethical and sustainable clothes. My hope is that Take It Easy Honey grows, but in a smooth and organic way so I can make sure that the production stays sustainable and to ensure a good quality of the pieces.
I would also love to keep developing the collection and add new shapes and colours. I want to focus on creating good shapes for everyone and all body shapes and help people feel more confident and positive in their bodies.
Tell us a little bit about your background.
I studied fashion design in the Netherlands, where I also grew up. I started creating clothes when I was 14 years old, so designing clothes has been a part of my life for many years.
After my graduation, I moved to Paris and worked for the French fashion houses. I worked for Dior, Lanvin, and Paule Ka for a few years. I learned a lot during my time at these fashion houses. Especially the craftsmanship, which always inspires me so much. The ateliers at Dior were my favorite places to be; to see how the beautiful patterns were made, the draping around the body and the fitting. It taught me how to create and find the right proportions in a garment. However, I became more passionate about the idea to start my own brand and work for myself. 
I started practicing Bikram yoga during my studies in the Netherlands. Eventually, I ended up going to Mexico for three months where I did my yoga teacher-training. Afterwards I started teaching yoga in Paris.
Why did you start Take It Easy Honey?
After teaching yoga for a while I felt like something was missing. I couldn’t find beautiful yoga clothes. I didn’t like sportswear, and I did not like that everything was made in the same way. I wanted to try something new and design something different. I started designing clothes for myself which I wore during my yoga-classes and it sparked conversations with students. That’s when I knew I should start my own yoga-wear brand.
Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
I still get a lot of inspiration from my past work experience with luxury brands, especially from the sewing and pattern draping techniques, which I love. I am also inspired by the yoga practice itself by looking around in the yoga room. What are people wearing and what is missing? I’m inspired by conversations with other yoga practitioners. When I look around a room full of students I think to myself; what would be nice to move in? What would be comfortable? What would be perfect for yoga? What would look good? Which materials would be good? Which designs? Which colours? Then I remind myself that I should be meditating, haha.
Yoga is a beautiful practice so why not wear something beautiful? I like pretty colours and flower patterns. I'd love to see a class where everyone is wearing something gorgeous. I think when we wear something beautiful, we enjoy both ourselves and our practice a bit more.
What are some of the things you love the most about having your own business?
I love working in my own world and in my own space. I love that I get to create my own collection and design beautiful and elegant pieces. I also meet so many nice people and customers which I love.
What are some of the biggest challenges you face in having your own business?
I didn’t study business and I don’t really feel like a businesswoman. So I find the more practical side of running a business difficult. How to gain more visibility, the financial administration etc. The more hardcore business stuff. Luckily, I love learning new things, and along the way, I’m learning more and more about the practical side of having your own business. 
Why is it so important to you that TIEH is sustainable and honest? 
I love creating, and I love making clothes myself. But there is so much waste in the fashion industry, and so many clothes get burned. It really can be a very ugly industry and it’s not in alignment with my beliefs and values. When you buy something cheap, it has another price, and someone else is paying that price.
I would like to create a business that is honest, ethical, sustainable, and high-quality. I buy my fabrics from a family company in Italy, and everything is handmade in Paris by me and my assistant Lauraine. 
There is no overproduction, and all pieces are unique. I do my best to make sure the clothes fit well, and if they don’t, I take them back or I try to alter them. I don’t want the clothes to only be an object I sell. I care about the fitting and if people like and actually wear the clothes. Perhaps I am a bit of an idealist when it comes to this, but it is something I always think about when designing and creating this brand.
What advice would you give for any aspiring designer and/or new business owners?
Don’t wait until everything is perfect, because it will never be perfect, and then you will never start, and then you will regret you didn’t just go for it. So start, even when everything isn’t perfect. Push yourself a little bit. You will grow and develop together with everything that happens.
Written by: Heidi Kokborg

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