Our Story

Yoga wear that expresses an elegance between aesthetics and comfort. Bringing freedom to the body from the inside to the outside.

’’Take It Easy Honey’’
My teacher used to say: "Take it easy, Honey… but work the hardest possible and you’ll get through this. Trust the process!"
This is the message I want to share with you. Wearing this collection, do your yoga, but take it easy! 
Combining my experience as a fashion designer and as a yoga teacher. My true passion is to create a yoga wear collection that is elegant, allowing you to move freely in the postures and feel like your most magnificent self.
What I love while teaching a yoga class is the effort and elegance students put in every move, every posture. It is such a delicate and beautiful energy that comes from within: a blend of the body flexibility and lightness of the mind. This was my inspiration to create Take It Easy Honey, a brand where women and men could feel sexy and comfortable wearing activewear that feels great on the skin and is kind to our planet.
Bringing my two universes together just seems to be the perfect balance to create a community who feels inspired, motivated, elegant and free 
inside and outside, bones to the skin, fingertips to the toes, all over, inside out.
Elegance, a balance between beauty and comfort.
With Love, 
Charlotte Henskens
Take It Easy Honey 
Lucie Faucherre

Lucie has been practicing yoga from more than 10 years with a particular love for hot yoga. She is passionate about fashion and wellness and Take it Easy Honey encapsulates all these universes in a beautiful way.

Through her job as a diplomat and her passion for travel, she’s been practicing yoga in different studios all around the world. She takes Take it Easy Honey with her to new countries, and most recently to Miami where she is now based.
Heidi Kokborg 

Heidi has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years. While she enjoys almost every style of yoga, Ashtanga yoga holds a very special place in her heart. She used to be an assistant teacher at an Ashtanga Shala in Denmark, but is currently loving only being a student of yoga.

Heidi has a background as a journalist and runs her own business. She loves writing the newsletters and blog posts for Take It Easy Honey. She is originally from Denmark, but moved to New Zealand in 2022 to be with her partner.

Heidi loves the beauty, elegance and grace of Take It Easy Honey, and how you can wear the designs both on and off the mat and look and feel gorgeous.